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The Benefits of Sex For Our Health

Pleasure in our sexual lives can help avoid malignancies and cardiovascular problems, as well as improve our ability to manage stress and sleeplessness. Regarding the profound bodily rejuvenation and psychological well-being that orgasms provide, these are validated not only by people’s personal experiences but also by scientific investigations.

The widely held but, until recently, entirely intuitive belief that a fulfilling romantic relationship has a significant impact on our psychosomatic health, as well as our social and professional lives, is confirmed by numerous biological and biopsychological research.

For a few years, research was conducted at Harvard University in the US by renowned American epidemiologist Jennifer Rider and her team. This has demonstrated that men who have fulfilling and rich sexual lives are more resistant to cardiovascular disease and prostate cancer. It was even determined that males who experienced approximately twenty orgasms per month had a 25% lower risk of prostate cancer. This was compared to guys who experienced only seven orgasms each month!

Experiments conducted by Kerstin Uvnas-Moberg and colleagues at the University of Stockholm have established that oxytocin release during sexual intercourse has a positive effect on sleep, and therefore can be used to treat insomnia. Swedish researchers discovered that injecting mice with oxytocin had a relaxing effect and instantly removed stress. However, statistical studies on women have also revealed that, following sex, they sleep better and longer.

Consequently, it appears that engaging in regular, joyful sexual activity can prevent some malignancies and effectively treat anxiety and sleeplessness. This is especially true when compared to questionable prescription medications.

Regarding the significant bodily rejuvenation and psychological well-being that orgasms provide, several scientific studies as well as the everyday experiences of those with fulfilling sexual lives attest to this.

According to neuropsychological research, the production of estrogen and the hormones associated with sexual satisfaction during sexual activity plays a major role in promoting human skin suppleness and rejuvenation. Therefore, investing frequently in erotic gymnastics would be more cost-effective than spending money on makeup.

The challenge with these studies is determining whether people desire sex more frequently because of their happiness and healthy psychosomatics. Or, because they have a fulfilling sexual life. Given that our orgasmic existence is not exclusively governed by bodily or psychological qualities, both should occur at the same moment.

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